• TOP QUALITY PERSONAL DRY ERASE BOARD: ARCOBIS magnetic small whiteboard for desk could be used as home or office’s to do board, draft board, idea recording board, message board, team-work presentation board, also could be used as kid’s drawing board, learning board, Letters or Math practice board. This white board has a 3 layer paint finish on the coating surface making it smooth write and very easy to wiped clean; allowing you to write and clean with ease over and over.
  • COMPACT SIZE & LIGHTWEIGHT: Sleek and compact 8"x 12" size helps conserve usable desktop space. It's perfect size for small place like office desktop, kitchen counter, study table, Bedside table, class podium, etc. This small tabletop whiteboard 0.66LB is almost equivalent to the weight of one mobile phone. Compact size and lighteweight makes it easy to change placement or carry-on as you like.
  • Portable Design: 360°adjustable knob makes small whiteboards suitable for a variety of uses. When you want to write, it could be lay down as a flat notepad. As a wall-mounted message board, as a to do list small dry erase board to stand on desk, or kid's math practice mini whiteboard etc.You can fold it up and put it in the bag like a book at any time.
  • MAGNETIC DOUBLE SIDED WHITE BOARD: The double-sided will give you maximize writing space. It allows you to have two projects going and being able to focus on one list at a time. Perfect to keep you focused. Magnetic surface makes it convenient to children teaching, and it's comes whit 2 X Dry Erase Markers with magnetic dry eraser cap to keep it handy.

612677941762 Small Desktop Dry Erase Board