612677941748 Undated Weekly Planner
  • 612677941748 Undated Weekly Planner

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    • HAPPINESS STARTS FROM WELL-ORGANIZED LIFE:The ARCOBIS Planner keeps everything organized. Its system will help you easily achieve work-life balance and stay on track. Organizing your life & avoiding procrastination will keep you away from anxiety. And the ARCOBIS Planner is the best tool if you want to improve efficiency and hit your goal. It makes sure you are on track toward achieving your goals all year long while still managing day-to-day tasks. A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish.
    • Undated 1 Year & Dotted Weekly: The undated planner gives you the privilege to start whenever you want to. Most undated planners only have a few months—ARCOBIS Weekly Planner offers 12 months and 52-weeks pages for easy year-round planning. You can track your long term goals for the year and short term goals for the week. The dotted weekly design gives you more freedom and ability to be creative that make it as simple or as detailed as you wish.
    • Top Quality: ARCOBIS is crafted from a silky smooth, environment- friendly leatherette hard cover. Don’t need to worry that the exquisite planner will be folded inside your bag and coffee will be splattered on the cover of the planner. We chose thicker 100gsm bleed proof paper to ensure a quality experience and to make sure the ink won’t bleed onto the pages easily. Advanced binding technology is also used, which allows the day planner to lay flat without the risk of all the pages falling out.
    • Intimate Design:With compact size (5.7”x 8.5”) and lightweight (400g), it fits into most bags and is convenient to carry around. The portable planner still has ample space to write down all of your assignments. Also, the 34-dotted notes have 16 tear-off pages. It’s convenient for you to leave some messages without destroying the planner. It also comes with 4-page stickers, 3 Ribbon Bookmarks, Pen Holder, Back Inner Pocket, Bound and Gift Box. Every detail is to provide best-user experience.
    • Love It Or Your Money Back : If you want to try and use a planner to get a hold of the many things that are constantly swirling around and causing daily, weekly anxieties, ARCOBIS Planner is the best choice. For any reason you are not 100% satisfied with ARCOBIS, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer a worry-free after sales service for you!

    Too many people become stressed and anxious because of the lack of organization in their lives and work. The chaotic life and the frustration of not achieving the goal make them lose their way. 
    If you want to try and use a planner to get a hold of the many things that are constantly swirling around and causing daily, weekly anxieties, Arcobis Planner is the best choice. 
    Arcobis Planner is a personal planner that was carefully crafted to be the best of the day planners and offers a cheat sheet to a seamless living. 

    Page Content:
    Yearly Mindmap & My Vision Board: This section can visually structure your ideas to help with analysis and recall. You can clarify and maintain focus on a specific life goal. 
    5 Yearly Goal: Breakdown your Yearly Goal to smaller goals and give yourself some reward when you target it. 
    12 Months: The Monthly Plan includes your priorities for each month and the actions you need to take. The Monthly Review is comprised of your monthly wins or achievements and the things you need to improve. 
    52 Weeks: This section consists of different portions where you can list down your daily schedule, set your weekly goals and scoring and jot down gratitude affirmations. 
    Goals Achieved This Year: This is a one-page section where you can confirm the 5 yearly goals you have achieved. This also comes with a portion where you can write things you can improve for the next year. 
    34 Dotted Note pages

    Humanized design:
    Portable: Size: 8.5x 5.7 inches Weight: 400g
    Expandable inner pocket: You may insert notes and other important documents. 
    Elastic strap closure: This helps ensure both the pages and any inserted documents are safe inside. 
    3 Ribbon-like bookmarks

    Best Gift Idea: Trying to find the most interesting gift out there that doesn’t feel cheesy? What perfect gift you can give than to help your loved ones organize their life. 

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